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Churchianity`s Nonbiblical Doctrines

A watered down gospel is no gospel at all. If the biblical gospel message is altered or refuted, it is just another gospel- and no gospel at all. Perhaps one of the all time greatest delusions in the Christian world, is the innumerable number of people who are under the impression that, in order to be forgiven their sins and inherit eternal life, all they have to do is believe Yeshua (Jesus) died for their sins on the cross.

Assembly, Bible, Body of Messiah, Congregation, Elect, Great Tribulation, Holy Spirit, Rapture, Yahweh/ YHVH, Yeshua Messiah, יהוה, ישוע

The Great Tribulation And The Rapture

The term "rapture" is used nowhere in the Bible. The Christian false teaching the "rapture before tribulation"- often called "the blessed hope"- is more hoax than hope and it is absolutely not biblical. It is the teaching of a pre-tribulation, pre-Antichrist, pre-mark of the Beast rapture of the Christian Church to heaven. It sounds nice and is very pleasing to the flesh, but undermines God's purposes for His end-time Congregation. It has created a people who are not prepared to face persecution and the difficult times ahead. It has also robbed a sense of urgency for believers to get themselves ready to give answers to the unsaved. True followers of Yeshua (Jesus) should want to be here as long as possible in order to win as many to Yeshua (Jesus) as possible.