Another European Greco- Roman Jesus, Assembly, Bible, Body of Messiah, Church, Congregation, Elect, Hebrew, Holy Spirit, Lawlessness, Nazarenes, Promised Land, Repentance, Great Comission, Roman Catholic Church, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of God, Yahweh/ YHVH, Yeshua Messiah, יהוה, ישוע

The Only One Gospel & Congregation according the Bible

Yahweh our God`s part in Salvation: 1. Yahweh our God sent His Son Yeshua (Jesus). 2. Yeshua (Jesus) shed His Blood. 3. Yeshua (Jesus) died for our sins. 4. Yeshua (Jesus) rose again on the 3rd day. Human beings` part in Salvation: 1. Hear the Gospel. 2. Believe the Gospel. 3. Repent of sin and turn back to Yahweh our God. 4. Reach up to water baptism into Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ). 5. Get a gift of the Holy Spirit. 6. Confess faith openly. 7. Remain faithful and obey Yeshua (Jesus).